Identifying key personnel strengths and developing a process for the flow of marketing pieces allowed ACSI to improve the clarity of their messaging and better serve their audiences.

Our research data confirmed what ACSI leadership suspected: heads of schools were overwhelmed by the amount of communication they received. So we championed a new communication strategy: listen more, say less.

To do this, we began by reforming their internal marketing request process, limiting the volume of external communication, and improving the clarity and consistency of ACSI’s messaging.

A key part of the process involved a Marketing Consult on high priority projects, provided by our strategy team. The consult resulted in a clear view of work capacity, along with a Strategy Brief to guide the creative work and better serve their audience.

The result?

  • The right people with the right skills in the right positions
  • A clear process map for ACSI marketing staff to produce creative work
  • A clear point of contact for creative requests
  • Strategic investment in high priority projects
  • Creative capacity support from Kumveka to expedite production
  • A clear call to action on all creative pieces