Looking for some good reads? Several of our team members offer their suggestions for books to spark your thinking and inspire your work.

Dan Kennedy, Executive Director

Start With Why

The ideas in this book give me further encouragement to help our ministry clients find and share their ‘why.’

Suzanne Currier, Strategy Director

The Advantage

This book explores the simple idea—but rare phenomenon—of the power and competitive advantage of a “healthy organization.”

Good Faith

An encouraging and practical look at how to understand and face cultural shifts with hope as a Christian.


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Meredith Perks, Senior Project Coordinator

In Other Words

An autobiographical work that investigates the process of learning to express oneself in another language, and describes the journey of a writer seeking a new voice.

Erin Braford, Senior Strategist


Analogies have the power to help or hurt our communication efforts, as well as simply explain complex ideas. I find myself using this thinking regularly as I approach client work.

Steal Like an Artist

This inspiring, freeing book can be consumed in about 20 minutes. Its basic premise is that there are no truly original ideas, creativity is about influence, personal perspective, collection, deconstruction, and so on. A fresh jolt to the creative mind.

Crucial Conversations

The ideas in this book make for better interactions with colleagues, clients—and even at home! At the crux is that our most important conversations with the highest stakes are often sabotaged by emotions and the stories we tell ourselves. Instead of reacting to our version of what’s happening—the monologue in our heads—this book provides very practical tools to improve dialogue, leading to better outcomes.

Amy Anderson, Senior Copywriter

Culture Making

As believers, we hear a lot of talk about “engaging culture.” But what does that really mean? And how can we move beyond engagement to actually making culture? This thoughtful book explores what it could look like.

A Million Little Ways

The subtitle of this book reads, “Uncover the art you were made to live.” That art may look different for each of us—parenting, designing, serving, teaching, writing—but the end result is still the same: glorifying God.

Tell us: What are you reading this summer?