Helping leaders articulate their vision, mission and communication challenges, coupled with a survey of more than 8,400 ACSI-affiliated educators, laid a strong foundation on which to build ACSI's brand.

Our work began with a series of Leadership Alignment Workshops with ACSI leadership, helping us better understand the vision of the organization, their communication challenges, and their desire to better serve Christian schools around the world.

We used the information gathered at the discovery sessions to create a brand assessment survey sent to ACSI-affiliated educators. The information gleaned from the 8,400 responses helped us better understand the needs of ACSI’s audiences (schools and heads of school), determine how best to communicate with them, and establish benchmarks for future evaluation.

As we developed the framework for both the discovery sessions and brand assessment survey, we found it helpful to have a real name and face for ACSI’s main audience, heads of school. That person is Jesse. He leads an ACSI-member school in Richmond, Virginia. Like most heads-of-school, his to-do list is long and the demands on his time are many. The amount of communication he received from ACSI could be overwhelming and it was a challenge to filter the many messages. Our mantra as we sought to reduce and streamline ACIS’s external communication became: Remember Jesse.