A Leadership Alignment Workshop equipped New Hope Peru to better fulfill its vision and mission.

A critical first step toward focused messaging and marketing is to ensure alignment among the key decision makers in your ministry about the who, why, and how you serve today. A Leadership Alignment Workshop (LAW) gets you started. That's the path New Hope Peru decided to pursue.

What is a LAW?

It's a two half-day sessions with key decisionmakers from your organization. That could include your executive director, fundraising director, communications director, or other key influencers. Since this is such a focused, concentrated time, we recommend keeping the group to 5-6 people.

For New Hope Peru, that group included the founder/director, managing director, a team member who works on site at the children's home in Peru, and a board member.

What's the purpose?

Often, as organizations grow, face a leadership change, or anticipate a shift in how they serve, there's a lack of clarity around what and how to communicate. The LAW helps you get it all out on the table and then pick up only the pieces you need to be successful. It's good, hard work that helps you break through barriers, make decisions about your ministry and financial models, and come together as a team in your decisions about strategy.

In New Hope Peru's case, they were facing some shifts in leadership, as well as a changing sociopolitical landscape. The LAW sessions gave them a place to talk through these changes, as well as Kumveka's outside perspective to help navigate discussions and decisions. 

What's the outcome?

LAWs give you a roadmap for what comes next. Regardless of your ministry or mission, you'll come away from the workshop with:

  • Clearly defined metrics for measuring success
  • Key attributes your ministry wants to be known for
  • Clarity about who your target audience is
  • Strategic communications objectives

Through New Hope Peru's LAW, we were able to uncover key questions that have strategic implications for the organization. Along with those questions to explore, New Hope zeroed in on their key ministry and financial metrics and an ideal donor persona to target their communications to.

What comes next?

Typically, ministries bring the questions raised and outcomes developed to their boards to get their input. This allows for transparency and the board to steward the ministry well.

Sometimes, a LAW is all a ministry needs to continue down the path to compelling communication. Other times, it can lead to further communication work, from one-on-one marketing coaching all the way to a re-brand project. It simply depends on what you determine you need, based on your strategy.

New Hope Peru determined marketing coaching was a good next step toward accomplishing their communication goals. 

Interested in learning more about how a Leadership Alignment Workshop can help your ministry? Contact us to ask questions and get the information you need.