The key strategic questions that lead to alignment and focus for your ministry.

Clear and compelling messaging is focused. It aligns with your mission and speaks to your audience in a way that moves them to act.

Unfortunately, as organizations grow, leadership changes, and strategies shift, it's easy to develop a lack of clarity. You can find yourself asking, What exactly should we be promising our audience now? 

Sound familiar? As a communicator, this lack of clarity and ever-changing priorities makes your jobs extremely challenging. A critical first-step toward focused messaging is to ensure alignment among the key decision-makers in your organization about the who, why, and how you serve today. But how do you start?

As a Christian marketing agency, we create a firm foundation for our clients' communications by leading them through our Leadership Alignment Workshop. This event gives ministry teams dedicated time to sit together, address difficult questions, and make tough decisions about their ministry and financial models.

Yes, it can be challenging, maybe even uncomfortable, but it's good and worthy work.

While there's a great advantage to having an outside party like Kumveka facilitate these conversations, we get that it's not an option for every ministry communicator. We also know this work is critical to your success.

That's why we're sharing this excerpt, via SlideShare, from our facilitation presentation. This resource is one piece from our larger facilitation guide that's meant to inspire and equip you to start asking key strategic questions that lead to alignment and focus. 

Do you have any questions about these questions? Or want to learn more about our Leadership Alignment Workshops? Contact us today. We'd love to help.