What are the additional terms of every Scope of Work?

In addition to each client-specific Scope of Work between Kumveka and its Clients (hereafter referred to as The Client), both parties agree to terms below.

1. Invoices. We desire billing to be a clear and simple process. Kumveka will send electronic invoices via email to the specified Client contact, according to the Cost and Payment Schedule. The Client shall pay all invoices within fifteen (15) days of invoice delivery. If invoices are past due, Kumveka reserves the right to assess a five percent (5%) per month late fee on those invoices and/or halt our services until payment is received.

2. Client Single Point of Contact. The Client shall appoint a single point of contact from within their organization to lead and manage the relationship with Kumveka, including communications, logistics, expectations, and key Client deadlines.

3. Top Leadership Buy-In. In order to make this Scope of Work successful, the client shall provide full support and engagement of The Client's top leadership team and key decision makers throughout the project.

4. Partnership in Project Timing and Deadlines. Kumveka will make every effort to complete the deliverables for this Scope of Work within the timeframe specified, and expects the same of clients. In order for this to happen, the Client must respond promptly to requests for meetings, content, requirements, feedback, etc. that will be established in the mutually agreed-upon project plan after project kick-off. Significant delays by the Client will impact Kumveka's ability to meet the desired deadlines. Prolonged delays by the Client (of more than 2 months beyond the estimated dates) may lead to additional un-forecasted project management and other expenses that will be billed outside this Scope of Work at current consulting rates, and/or result in the termination of the project.

5. Additional Expenses. If applicable to this specific Scope of Work, the Client understands they will be invoiced and agrees to pay separately from this Scope of Work for:

a. All travel expenses for members of the Kumveka team, including airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and meals.

b. All printing and production costs.

c. Cost for purchasing photographic images.

d. Costs for purchasing web domain(s) and web hosting.

e. Media costs to place advertisements

6. Cost Estimates. The Client understands that Kumveka's ability to accurately predict costs up front depends on The Client's ability to clearly articulate the scope of each deliverable. The Client understands that the actual cost may vary as the scope for each deliverable is more clearly defined. If the cost for a deliverable increases during this process, The Client will be proactively notified before the expense is incurred by Kumveka and a change order request will be created. The Client then has the option to approve the higher costs or to reduce scope to keep the price unchanged.

7. Review and Revision Process. This Scope of Work assumes that for each deliverable there will be up to two (2) rounds of client-requested changes following the process below:

a. In Scope

i. Client Review 1: Kumveka presents the deliverable to The Client. The Client reviews, asks questions, and proposes revisions within the agreed timelines.

ii. Kumveka Revisions: Kumveka executes against those revisions.

iii. Client Review 2: Kumveka presents the updated deliverable to The Client. The Client has another chance to review, ask questions, and propose revisions within the agreed timelines.

iv. Kumveka Revisions: Kumveka executes against those revisions.

v. Client Sign-Off: Kumveka presents the final deliverable to The Client to verify the revisions agreed upon during Client Review 2 were properly executed (no new revisions at this point).

b. Out of Scope

i. Revisions that change the scope of the project.

ii. Revisions that are outside the intent of the agreed upon deliverables.

iii. If The Client requests additional rounds of revisions or requests revisions after the conclusion of The Client Review 2, a change order will be submitted and those will be billed separately from this Scope of Work at current consulting rates.

8. Change Order Process. Any work requested by The Client outside of this Scope of Work will result in notification and preparation of a change order, outlining additional costs associated with the change in question.

9. Delivery of Final Files. Any final files of these deliverables will be delivered digitally via Google Drive in the client doorway folder and will be available for sixty (60) days. During that time, the Client is responsible for securing and storing the files for future use.

10. Image and Video Rights. If applicable, the Client owns the rights to all footage and images captured on content trips and photo shoots. However, Kumveka is able to serve ministry clients at non-profit rates, in part by creating libraries that can benefit other projects in the future. Therefore, Kumveka and our photographer or videographer shall also retain rights to footage and images not identifiable as The Client's specific ministry (i.e., personnel, signage, etc.) for future use in projects benefitting Christ-focused ministries.

11. Showcasing Work. Unless specifically prohibited by The Client, Kumveka retains the right to publicly showcase work generated under this contract to demonstrate the competencies and experience of Kumveka to other ministries.

12. Trademarks and Copyrights. The Client is responsible for all actions related to trademarks and copyrights, including names, logos, symbols, taglines, words, or phrases. Kumveka makes no legal presumption in The Client's ability to trademark and/or copyright a particular name, logo, symbol, tagline, word, or phrase nor legal right to use the aforementioned items.

13. Cancellation. Kumveka's sincere desire is for the satisfaction of our clients. However, in the event that either party feels the relationship is not working out, a written notice of sixty (60) days in advance shall be given to cancel this Scope of Work. At the end of the sixty (60) days' notice, The Client shall pay for all work completed based on the contracted amount and for all outstanding invoices. The Client will also pay for any costs incurred by Kumveka as a result of a cancellation. Kumveka will also be released of the responsibility for completing any outstanding work.

14. Proposal Expiration. Kumveka retains the right to re-quote this Scope of Work if it is not agreed to and signed by The Client within sixty (60) days from the date the Scope of Work was offered.