For more than 30 years, PRC of Metro Richmond has served women and their partners facing an unexpected pregnancy. Annually, they serve over 1,100 people in 75 zip codes in and around Richmond, Virginia. Through a focus on prevention, intervention, and recovery, PRC of Metro Richmond offers resources and practical assistance for life-affirming choices.

But that 1,100 people reached each year is just a fraction of those in need of help—and hope—in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. PRC of Metro Richmond wanted to reach more women at risk for abortion with the message of the services they provide.

Kumveka developed a plan to let women know they have a safe place to go, including:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Media Plan
  • Outdoor Advertising 
  • Social Media Advertising


Marketing and Media Plan

Getting the word out effectively starts with a good plan. Understanding who PRC wanted to reach and determining the best way to that directed the project.

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Outdoor Advertising

How do you reach a large number in a short amount of time? Billboard advertising gets the message to thousands of people each day. 

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Social Media Advertising

PRC of Metro Richmond's audience is on social media. Targeted ads on these platforms ensure she sees their vital message.

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