A distinct visual style and tailored messaging come together to help Music Mission Kiev better communicate with their intended audience.

When it comes to communications, once leadership is aligned on strategy and an audience persona is in place to guide communications and creative decisions, it's time for the fun part: visuals and messaging.

Our creative team crafted a distinct visual style for Music Mission Kiev's refreshed website drawn from the heart of their ministry, music.

The color palette is inspired by the description of how the sacred music the ministry brought to Ukraine was first experienced as "an explosion of light." The light-infused colors brings to life Music Mission Kiev's desire to bring the light of the gospel to this part of the world. Graphics are loosely derived from a music staff and are unique, ownable elements for their communication.


The messaging strategy developed for Stephanie, Music Mission Kiev's audience persona, tailored a promise, proof, and call to action to guide all website copy. 

  • Promise: You can make a Kingdom impact aligned with your passion for music
  • Proof: Music, evangelism, care
  • Call to action: Give

With the visual and messaging direction in place, it was time to develop the website.

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