A new name and a new brand helped Serge better communicate who they are and how they serve. 

The results of the brand assessment survey, along with feedback from the leadership alignment workshops, laid the foundation for the brand strategy.

Inspired by the incarnational focus of Serge’s work, as well as one missionary’s prayer request for “grit, wonder, and joy,” we created the brand definition of Life wide open. and the brand attributes of grit, wonder, joy. These elements are used to inform the brand’s visuals and messaging.

One of the key findings from the leadership alignment workshops and brand assessment survey was that the name World Harvest Mission caused confusion about the work they did. It also created barriers with those they sought to serve. Additionally, it identified them solely as a sending agency and didn’t speak to their resource and discipleship offerings. So we began to explore a new name.

Our team brainstormed metaphorical names that would act as a word picture of the gospel of grace at work. The metaphor also had to work in cross cultural settings, speak to each area of the ministry, and be abstract enough to protect missionaries serving in closed countries.

Out of the names proposed, Serge was chosen by the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors. The name is inspired by the verb definition of the word serge, a sewing term associated with a serger, a machine that combines the raw edges of fabric to make them smooth. It explains how God brings together our the ragged parts of our lives with the transforming power of the gospel to create something beautiful. The abstractness of the name invites people to ask, “What does that mean?”, providing an opportunity to share the beauty of the gospel and God’s grace.

The tagline, grace at the fray, complements the name Serge, serving as a word picture of the gospel at work in our weakness and the world’s brokenness.

Along with the name, we developed a brand architecture encompassing each area of the organization’s ministries:

  • Resources: creating materials for training and discipleship
  • Mentoring: using those materials to grow and train believers to live out the gospel
  • Mission: sending people to embody the gospel around the world