What makes Kumveka tick?

Let us introduce you to what we call the Kumveka Standards, or LELI for short.

  • Love Well
  • Execute With Excellence
  • Learn Constantly
  • Initiate Solutions

These principles both guide our culture and serve as benchmarks for our performance reviews. Simply put, they’re what we live and learn from every day. So, let’s dig in.

Loving Well starts with this: Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. (1 John 4:7)

This begins with our team and how we serve each other. But loving well is more than co-worker camaraderie. It’s about encouraging each other, recognizing and affirming each other’s gifts, having the hard conversations, and building community (even as we’re miles apart. Three cheers for Skype!).

This is how we seek to serve our clients, creative network, and the people who invest in our organization. They’re not just names on a contract or creative brief; they’re our friends.

Every organization wants to Execute with Excellence, right? For us, this principle is rooted in what we call our ‘best vs. excellent’ philosophy. Yes, we want to do our best work. However, if we create something beautiful and award-worthy but it isn’t something our client can use effectively, then it doesn’t meet our definition of excellence.

It’s this mindset we aim to bring to every project and application. It’s not about our work; it’s about shining a light on the work God is doing through the clients we serve.

Learning Constantly is essential when you work cross-culturally, as we do. In fact, it’s our posture in discovery as we get to know and understand the hearts of our clients.

And some of the best learning happens when we make mistakes—which we do. So when we mess up—whether it’s something lost in translation or missing the mark—it’s an opportunity to get better.

The other ways we learn? From each other. It’s tapping the knowledge base of a fellow team member. It’s learning from and adapting quickly to serve our clients with what they need. And it’s gleaning best practices from industry experts.

Each member of our team is a problem solver. So we’re going to step out and try new things (see Learn Constantly) and be okay with making mistakes. We’ll Initiate Solutions to improve processes, embrace our responsibilities, and seek out new clients to serve—all in an effort to continue loving, executing, and learning.

What are the principles that guide your organization?