With a clearly defined audience, ministries can focus their communication efforts on the people they want to reach. 

Audience personas are a key component of a ministry's communication strategy. When done well, these representations of your ideal customer (a.k.a. donor, volunteer, or person you seek to serve) give you empathy for the real person on the receiving end of your communications and guides your creative decisions. We call this compassionate communication. 

A good persona outlines your audience's

  • Goals and challenges
  • Values and fears
  • Role with your ministry
  • Key demographics

Bonus if you can include a picture and a name!

With the information gleaned during the Leadership Alignment Workshop with Music Mission Kiev, we developed a persona of a music-minded potential donor. Stephanie. 


In addition to outlining who Stephanie is, the persona documents what to say to her through strong promises, proofs, and calls to action. Creating messaging through this lens ensures communication is clear and focused, not overwhelming.

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